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Course Outline

    1. The War on Drugs

    2. Principles of harm reduction

    3. Call it a "Psychedelic Renaissance"?

    4. The legal status of psychedelics and plant medicines

    5. Who are the qualified practitioners?

    6. Psychoactive substances and experiences

    7. Possibilities without substances

    1. Scope of Practice and confidentiality protections

    2. Creating policies

    3. Psychedelics, pain management, the opioid crisis, and massage therapy

    4. What can you say

    1. In this section...

    2. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Part I

    3. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Part II

    4. Psilocybin Mushrooms Part I

    5. Psilocybin Mushrooms Part II

    6. Traditional Ceremony Part I

    7. Traditional Ceremony Part II

    8. All Worked Up Part I

    9. All Worked Up Part II

    10. Cannabis Part I

    11. Cannabis Part II

    12. Documentaries Part I

    13. Documentaries Part II

    14. Disclosure Part I

    15. Disclosure Part II

    16. Examples Discussion

    1. Short quiz

    2. Until next time and resources

    3. Quick survey

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“I found this course helpful. It felt informative, open, well researched and included core concepts such as agency, harm reduction, history, cultural contexts, ect. Some parts felt like review for me and others felt like new learnings. Scope of practice was well described and the importance of maintaining professional boundaries and creating safe enough containers for your client to be themselves and be met with professional approaches.”

“This course provides guidelines and scenarios for speaking to clients about psychedelics, with thoughtful consideration of health, legal and ethical issues. Well researched and beautifully presented. ”

“A helpful course with lots of good, basic information that was clearly presented, and I most appreciated the opportunity to consider situations, scenarios and options.”

“"The information was good, and easy to understand. I appreciate the conversations that were brought up, and I appreciate the focus on non-judgement."”


"Suz Vera" Burroughs

M.Sc. Ed., BCMTB

Suz started community college and her own business at sixteen years of age. She graduated from UC Berkeley as a Haas Scholar and with scholarly distinction in 2005 and completed her Master of Science in Education with a specialty in online teaching and learning at CSUEB. After many years in the tech industry and business schools teaching topics such as mindfulness, leadership, coaching, instructional design, compliance education/risk management, i/o psychology, product/service design, and design thinking internationally, she was called to a hands-on healing practice. Suz has been working with clients since 2014 when she began clinical hours as a student of massage therapy and bodywork in both Western and Eastern traditions. She completed her California State Massage Therapy Certificate requirements in 2015. She passed her national board certification exam in 2020. This is the highest credential offered in the United States for massage therapists and bodyworkers. It requires advanced study as well as several years of experience to sit for this exam. Following this exam, she has demonstrated leadership and expertise, qualifying as a continuing education provider for massage therapists and nurses. Suz is developing the field of ketamine-assisted massage therapy and bodywork in partnership with KAT and KAP providers as well as developing psychedelic/entheogenic preparation and integration bodywork methods. She’s enrolled in the foundations training program at Beckley Academy and in facilitator training at Sacred Garden. She recently published the first board approved continuing education course for massage therapists and bodyworkers on the topic of psychedelics and entheogens. You can read more about "Suz Vera" Burroughs at

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